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In this program we will go over every step on how to set up your wholesaling business so that you know exactly how to get started and what to do every step of the way. We have formulated a week-to- week curriculum so that you will never even doubt what step to take next. You need to have a solid understanding of the market, know when and how to enter it with very little risk and follow a proven system for capitalizing on the best deals in town.



This club was created to help entrepreneurs like you learn and master the ability to increase sales and generate more income. In addition, once the business generates more money, we have mastered a money management system that allows you to manage every single penny that comes into your business allowing you to re-invest, generate even more cash and ultimately invest in different streams of income that will provide financial freedom. 

Our mission is to motivate, ignite and empower entrepreneurs worldwide through education in real estate investments to create the wealth you desire. This way you can enjoy ultimate freedom and live a prosperous, joyous life designed from within, from the core of their dreams.”

What People Are Saying…

“I’ve been working with Cash Flow Properties since I first started my real estate investing career. I have used both exit strategies (rehabs and rentals) but over the last couple of years my focus has been Buy-fix -rent. All my properties have been purchased under market value. Working with them eliminates the hassle and time it takes to get an offer accepted. I have been working with Camilo for the past 5 years and I highly recommend it. It is fast and easy and with my busy schedule that is exactly what I need. We’ve had a good communication throughout our closing process on each deal. It is a great company to do business with. I highly recommend anybody looking for discounted properties in South Florida to work with Cash Flow Properties.”
Jaime Giraldo, Real Estate Investor
“I’ve been doing business with Camilo and his team for 3+ years. Cash Flow respects their clients and goes to battle for them. It is very important in this business due to the nature of the product and all the details that have to be taken care of before committing to a property and moving forward with it. Our communication been while working together has been timely and precise. I have recommended their service to friends and family several occasions. I admire all business men/women that stand behind what they sell and commit to long term relationships versus quick profits, this is why I continue to do business with Cash Flow Properties.”
Jose Maria De Guzman, Commercial and Residential Real Estate Investor
“Cash Flow Properties Academy has helped me grow both economically and professionally in the past few years. Camilo has helped me increase my knowledge in the real estate business as well as make great deals by teaching me how and where to invest my money wisely. What I have learned about investing my money in this business has been life changing. I’ve had the opportunity of doing different businesses and also different deals with him; and I can tell that he puts everything in what he does and lives with passion and purpose. I started my real estate business without having to invest much money and really knowing nothing about it, but with his help I was able to make $5,000 on my first deal, and the rest is history.”
Juliana Palacio, Hot Properties, LLC
“Cash Flow Properties Academy is the greatest tool I could have as I delve deeper into the real estate investing world. What I have learned about investing in real estate has been invaluable. Camilo and Michelle are so passionate about what they do and it rubs off on their clients! I have been able to make multiple wholesale deals since I started working with them. I know that they are always there to answer any questions or provide great strategies to help me succeed. I look forward to having a long relationship with Cash Flow Properties Academy as I continue to move forward and try new things in real estate investing.”
Netalie Sivan Santos
“Accommodating, organized and pleasant is why I choose to do business with Cash Flow Properties. We have been working with Camilo, Michelle & Cash Flow since 2011. They are always professional and friendly, dealing with him has been an amazing experience. The level of communication and enthusiasm surpasses my expectation in every experience I have with them and their company. I would highly recommend them to associates or friends and family looking to get involved in the Real Estate Investment Industry.”
Melissa Sullam, Owner / Investor Transition MGT Group, LLC
“I’ve been working with Cash Flow Properties since 2009. As a title agent, I have helped Michelle and Camilo close hundreds of transactions through these years. They has been an absolute pleasure to work with. They are very knowledgeable about the business and is always making sure he brings the most value to their clients. They are very honest, transparent, accountable and would only make a deal if it is a “win-win” situation that work for all parties. They are true professionals. I highly recommend Michelle and Camilo to anyone who’s looking to purchase an investment property here in South Florida.”
Mark Bookstein
“I have been working with Michelle and Camilo since their very beginning of their real estate career. In fact, I sold Camilo his first two houses. He rehabbed those two, made a profit and was off and running. They soon got into my end of the business of wholesaling where his business really took off. We have done many, many deals together in the past five years. These are deals that are done on a handshake out of the mutual respect built up between us through the years. Would I recommend Camilo, Michelle and Cash Flow Properties, others? For sure. Whether it is to put a deal together, to be coached, it will be a win win for everyone.”
Jim Van Dyke, Real Estate Investor and Wholesaler
“We at Independence Title have been closing real estate transactions for Camilo, Michelle and their team for over 5+ years. Our experience in dealing with them and their clients go very well. When it comes time to close on a real estate transaction in Florida we enjoy working with Camilo and Michelle to make sure his clients investments are well protected from liens and judgments. Communication is key when working with our company as we need to make sure all parties are always made aware of the good and the bad throughout the process. So having them on our team making sure their clients are always well informed is very important to our overall success. I would recommend Cash Flow Properties and his team to friends, family and business associates when they are thinking about investing in South Florida Real Estate.”
Kevin Tacher, Best-Selling Author, SOLD! / Founder & CEO Independence Title, Inc.
“We learned a lot from our first flip. We have our eyes set on flipping and wholesaling properties and sacrificed a lot to see this vision come to past! We couldn’t have done it without our mentors Camilo Palacio and Michelle Paez. Camilo Palacio was able to help us get the terms of the loan lowered. That itself paid for the class tuition. Thank you so much Camilo and Michelle. Things would have been so much different without you guys and we would of ended up paying way more than necessary. As Camilo said in our training “Everything is negotiable” and Michelle said “you don’t know until you ask”
May and Emmanuel Gordon, Cash Flow Properties Academy Graduates