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Secrets to Successful RE Investing from Purchase to Profits

Many years ago when we started getting educated in Real Estate Investing we spent so much time and money attending so many seminars. We would end up with a bunch of notes, a binder full of handouts and real estate terms, and some business cards but absolutely no idea on how to get started and no one to call or ask questions.


We knew we wanted to create a massive business and that it would be one that could stand strong overtime regardless of the market’s ups and downs. Unfortunately, like many, we were clueless on how to achieve this. It was frustrating and honestly we felt defeated. Time and time again we had fallen for another promise that the next guru made and no results were showing even though we were putting the effort and taking action.


This is why we have created this program. We will go over every step on how to set up your wholesaling business so that you know exactly how to get started and what to do every step of the way. We have formulated a week-to-week curriculum so that you will never even doubt what step to take next. You need to have a solid understanding of the market, know when and how to enter it with very little risk and follow a proven system for capitalizing on the best deals in town.


In this course you will learn:

  • The exact process of a wholesale deal from start to finish
  • How to speak to buyers and sellers so that they cant resist being in business with you making you the top of mind wholesaler in your area
  • To design a realistic business plan and system so that you know exactly what to do everyday to achieve your maximum revenue potential
  • What listings and properties will be the most profitable and which ones to focus on as a new wholesaler
  • To create and unshakeable foundation to your Real Estate Investment Business


That’s how you enter the real estate business (like a pro) and that’s exactly what we teach you in this program. Secrets to Successful Real Estate Investing from Purchase is completely centered on the foundation of wholesales and setting up your business for success.

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Now that we have created the basis of your wholesales business, this is where we get our hands dirty and get to work! Start filling up that pipeline with deals and getting paid! With little upfront capital, without picking up one hammer and with little to no experience or credit you may start closing deals in just a couple of months. Wholesales were our launching pad to creating our freedom and it can be the same for you. It is not an easy path, but we surely have made it simple for you to establish your wholesales business.


As a wholesaler –  you are the deal finder!

You are the middleman who the investor will call because you take on the legwork of finding and negotiating the best deals saving them time, hassle and money. You become their “go to”


Wholesaling is straightforward, profitable and just right for today’s real estate market. It’s solid even in the toughest markets. And with the Cash Maker Program, you become the best deal finder, negotiator and closer in your niche, making you “top of mind” for investors and sellers.


This course will:

  • Deepen your education on wholesales so that you can continue that momentum and start generating cash!
  • Show you how to send effective offers and identify the best deals in town
  • Show you how to populate purchase contracts so that the terms and conditions are favorable to you as a wholesaler professional
  • Show you our specific strategy to market deals and get them sold within hours
  • Teach you our unique street-smart technique to negotiate and get the absolute lowest price on each property every time



This is how you master wholesales in your area so you can identify the best deals, put them under contract and quickly sell them to your investors so they make amazing returns and come back to you time and time again.

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If you are looking to create big and we mean BIG lumps of cash, then you want to focus your investments in rehabbing real estate! There has never been a better time to start getting educated and preparing yourself for the next drop in the market. Will you be ready? This program focuses exclusively in the process of buying, financing, fixing and selling a home for top dollars. Always keeping the most profit in your pockets and creating a system where you can be removed from the labor side of the equation and focus on purchasing the best deals to rehab.


In this course you will learn:

  • How to accumulate higher returns and make more CASH!
  • Creative financing to fund your deals and leverage your money
  • Become an expert in renovations – even though you will not be doing them, you will learn to identify the true value of repairs and which ones will leave money in your bank and which ones will absolutely drain your profits
  • How to market your renovated properties to retail buyers so that they cannot resist your listing and bid the highest purchase price possible
  • How to create a repeating and manageable system so that you are not tied up to the renovations process giving you more time leverage to do more of what you love and find more deals
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If your dream is to go play golf on Tuesdays at 10 am and spend your afternoons at the beach (or whatever sings to your heart), then you need freedom. This course is exclusively focused on teaching you how to acquire that freedom so that you can impact more lives, live yours as desired and enjoy your loved ones. Having the freedom to do what you WANT to, not what you HAVE to is simply incredible and becoming a landlord will give you just that. In this course we go over a step-by-step process that will educate you on acquiring properties to keep and rent, leveraging your money through creative financing and earn PASSIVE CashFlow every single month.  Becoming a landlord does not have to be overwhelming if you have the correct system and team to take care of all the hassles! Financial freedom is possible and this course will show you how to get there in less time than you think!

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