How would your life change if you could quickly create an additional income stream, start paying off your debt and begin laying the foundation for your ultimate wealth…

…and get this going in as little as 6 months?

Imagine… if you could launch into the lucrative real estate market and began growing your nest egg in as little as 2 hours a day, with minimal upfront capital, without picking up one hammer and with little to no experience or credit. What would that be worth to you…What would it be worth to you to finally generate enough income that you get to leave your job?What would it be worth to you to have complete control of your time to spend with your family and pursue other opportunities?

What is it worth to have a plan developed where eventually your passive income covers ALL your expenses?

Lastly, what is it worth to you to be financially free?

It would be significant, right? Absolutely, it would… and that’s what it should do…

But for many hopeful real estate investors, when they enter the market, it ends up costing them big, causing them to take a gamble on their savings, their time and their relationships. But this doesn’t have to be your story and there’s another way.

You already know that real estate has been one of the most lucrative industries around. When it’s done right, of course…


Many people have made their fortunes right here, in the world of real estate. But the risk is significant when you don’t know the rules of the game.That’s why you need to have a solid understanding of the market, know when and how to enter it with very little risk, be aware of and avoid the many possible pitfalls and setbacks and follow a proven system for finding and capitalizing on the best deals in town.


That’s how you enter the real estate business (like a pro) and that’s exactly what we teach you in our fail proof real estate investing program.

We show you how to do it right, from the start.

You don’t want to be like those who end up dropping out of the business altogether because they attended one of those trainings taught by a so called guru only to leave with their heads spinning, filled with real estate terms but having no clue where to start.

Or jumping into the market with blinders on, having no real training, only to fall into every pitfall imaginable.

Or like the ones who download training programs but never have a conversation with a real person to receive the mentoring they need to even have a chance at success.

What you want is a way to…

list1 Begin generating revenue with as little risk as possible.
list2 Remove the overwhelm of entering the real estate market so you can learn the business at a pace that allows you to master a proven, profitable system to ensure your success.
list3 Quickly become a pro at finding and cashing in on the best deals.
list4 Shorten your learning curve so you avoid the costly mistakes that have taken so many others out of the game.
list5 Ensure your success by having access to mentors who have been there – done that and know how to teach it to others.
list6 Have a supporting community that will hold you accountable and help you along the way.

Am I right? If so, we’ve got the program for you.


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In this program, we teach you how to enter the real estate business like you’re already an expert, practically eliminating the risk of failure.Our Cash Maker Program™ is completely centered on the foundation of the real estate industry. Therefore, the entire focus is on Wholesaling.


We have learned through training, mentoring and experience that wholesaling is the best place to start to get money flowing towards YOU in the world of real estate.

As a wholesaler – you are the deal finder.

You are the middle man who the investors will call on because you take on the legwork of finding and negotiating the best deals saving them time, hassle and money. You become their “go to”.

Wholesaling is straightforward, profitable and just right for today’s real estate market. It’s solid even in the toughest markets. And with the Cash Maker Program™, you become the best deal finder in your niche, making you “top of mind” for investors and sellers.

And the great thing is… you don’t need a lot of experience or upfront money to get started so don’t let the lack of cash flow hold you back from your real estate dreams…


In fact, we entered the market with $2000 and a credit card and no experience or credit. All we had was our sheer desire, will, serious work ethic and of course, good mentors and we eventually worked our way to a life of financial and time freedom, having all of our expenses covered and the time to do and pursue whatever our hearts desire. And this is exactly where we started, WHOLESALING. It proved to be the springboard to a life of financial freedom for us before we even reached the age of 30 and this is why we teach it.


How to wholesale properties in your own area so you can identify the best deals, put them under contract and quickly sell them to your investors or keep them for a great return!
Specific and proven ways to build your list of buyers, sellers and  your money list.
Exactly how to pick, vet and build relationships with your Real Estate Investing dream team, including your accountant, title companies, attorneys, realtors, contractors, lenders, etc.
Marketing systems to easily reach thousands of potential buyers and have them lined up to do business with you.
Negotiating strategies to make sure it’s a WIN-WIN, causing investors and sellers to seek you out.
How to avoid the costly mistakes so you don’t lose money!
You see, in the Cash Maker Program™, we pull back the curtain and show you all the behind the scenes (the good, the bad and the ugly) of the real estate wholesale industry. And in very little time, you will be generating steady cash flow, building up a pretty solid real estate portfolio and finding and closing deals like a pro.


So if you’re ready to…

  • Narrow the traditional time that it typically takes to master the real estate market,
  • Access a “no fail” way to identify good properties in which to invest,
  • Gain resources, systems, and contacts you don’t have to go digging for,
  • Get a fool proof system to identify wholesaling opportunities that eliminates losses and make good profits,
  • Look irresistible to investors and sellers so deals practically come to you

Then, the Cash Maker Program™ is for you.

In this program, we take a master’s class approach, giving you a deep dive into each topic related to wholesaling. It is step by step making sure you understand the important details.

In Cash Maker, you get the insider’s view of the industry, proven tips and strategies, secrets and advice on how to find deals and start investing just like the Millionaires!

When you enroll with us, here’s what you get.

  • 8 Online Modules – giving you a deep dive into wholesaling/finding deals (so you can learn at your own pace and get exactly what you need) (Value $5000)
  • 2 – 30 Min private calls (1 Michelle, 1 Camilo) – (Value $500)
  • 2 – 1 hour additional Q&A calls – (Value $1000)
  • Access to the elite and private Facebook community with thriving CashFlowpreneurs just like you (Value $1,000)
  • Access to our contacts when ready: (Value – $1000)
    • Open LLC
    • Website Builder
    • Tax Planning / Preparation
    • Attorneys for Asset Protection

If LOCAL, you get access to our buyers to promote your first deals (PRICELESS)

It’s time you create that additional income stream (using real estate) that brings you consistent income in a low risk way, pays off your debt so you can start growing your nest egg, allows you to work on your 9-5 exit strategy and lays the foundation for your ultimate wealth in as little as 2 hours a day.

Here’s what others are saying…


Juliana Palacio

Cash flow properties has helped me grow both economically and professionally in the past few years. It has helped me increase my knowledge in the real estate business as well as make great deals by teaching me how and where to invest my money wisely. What I have learned about investing my money in this business has been life changing. I’ve had the opportunity of doing different businesses and also different deals with them; and I can tell that they put everything in what they do and they live with passion and purpose. I started my real estate business without having to invest much money and really knowing nothing about it, but with their help I was able to make $5k on my first deal, and the rest is history.

Netalie Sivan Santos

Cash Flow Properties Academy is the greatest tool I could have as I delve deeper into the real estate investing world. What I have learned about investing in real estate has been invaluable. Camilo and Michelle are so passionate about what they do and it rubs off on their clients! I have been able to make multiple wholesale deals since I started working with them. I know that they are always there to answer any questions or provide great strategies to help me succeed. I look forward to having a long relationship with Cash Flow Properties Academy as I continue to move forward and try new things in real estate investing.

Jim Van Dyke

Camilo and I have been working together since the very beginning of his real estate career. In fact, I sold him his first two houses. He rehabbed those two, made a profit and was off and running. He soon got into my end of the business of wholesaling where his business really took off. We have done many, many deals together in the past five years. These are deals that are done on a handshake out of the mutual respect built up between us through the years. Would I recommend Camilo and Cash Flow Properties, LLC to others? For sure. Whether it is to put a deal together, to be coached, it will be a win-win for everyone.


The choice is yours
Get started today

So, what’s the typical investment for Real Estate Programs?Typical programs can cost $20K – $30K.

When you look at the value of the Cash Maker Program™

tuition can easily be $10,000

However, because we are deal makers – and want to create a WIN-WIN,

just as we teach, your investment today is…

Only $1597


Yes, Michelle and Camilo, I want IN!
Get started today
About Your Mentors:

michelleMichelle Paez is a successful business owner, and the Founder and CEO of Spark Properties, a real estate investment company. She is passionate about working with people who are focused on financial freedom so they can pursue and live a life they truly love.Raised by entrepreneurial parents, and with her own background and degree in Business Administration, Michelle saw firsthand the advantages and struggles of being a business owner. Determined to create a financial situation where cash flow was consistent and passive income regularly occurred, she entered the world of real estate and became financially free before the age of thirty. With over 250 wholesale transactions, 40 rehab properties and owning 12 rental properties that produce monthly positive cash flow and passive income, she now helps her clients to create the same real estate path to freedom and wealth.

A savvy and seasoned investor herself, Michelle understands intimately the entire process of real estate investing and brings her unique blend of personality and professionalism to her clients so they experience real estate success. She enjoys working with experienced investors who are very clear about their end goals, as well as beginners who want to learn how to capitalize on real estate investing.

Along with her husband, real estate investor Camilo Palacio, Michelle is the Co-Creator and Co-Founder of the Cash Flow Properties Academy™ and the Creator of the Cash Maker Program™. Through these innovative programs and her upcoming book CashFlowpreneur™, she teaches others the specifics of real estate investing, including fixing, renting, flipping and selling properties wholesale, and generating impressive ROI’s for her clients.

Committed to creating client relationships that last a lifetime, clients say that Michelle gets them the results they are looking for, often helping them exceed their original goals, has impeccable communication in all circumstances and truly cares about their well-being and peace of mind.

A Licensed Real Estate Agent and member of the Luxury Real Estate Marketing Institute, Michelle is also certified through New Peaks as a Coach, Trainer and Master Mind Facilitator. She is currently at work on her book, The CashFlowpreneur, Secrets to Achieving Financial Freedom and Massive Wealth in 5 years through Real Estate, due for release in 2016.

camilloCamilo Palacio is a successful business owner and real estate investor who is passionate about helping motivated people create financial freedom so they have time to create and live the life they’ve always wanted.Having created personal wealth through real estate, Camilo has been an entrepreneur since the age of sixteen and began his first real estate business at the young age of twenty-four. With a combination of business skills, proven systems and most importantly, strong relationships, his real estate career ensured that he was financial free in less than six years; before the age of thirty.The owner of Cash Flow Properties™ and the Creator of Cash Flow Properties Academy™, Camilo is committed to helping his clients experience life on their own terms through real estate wealth building strategies. In the past six years, he has helped hundreds of people find lucrative real estate opportunities in South Florida, has closed over four hundred transactions and guided others to create monthly passive income and huge profits through rental properties and rehab/flip properties.

Camilo enjoys working directly with seasoned real estate investors by guiding them through specific real estate transactions, as well as helping the beginner investor learn more about how to get into the market. His Cash Flow Properties Academy was specifically created to help new investors understand and experience success quickly and easily, regardless of their current financial situation, credit or previous property ownership.

Camilo believes that when you take care of people, they will take care of you, and he is dedicated to being in the relationship business, with real estate as the common ground. His clients say in addition to his knowledge and expertise, he works with integrity, is diligent and transparent and has superb communication throughout the entire process. Camilo credits all of this to his personal and in-depth daily experiences as an investor himself because he understands what works, what doesn’t and how to make every transaction as easy and stress-free as possible.

A graduate of Florida International University and a Licensed Coach, Trainer and Mentor, Camilo is the author of the upcoming book “CashFlowPreneur, Become Financially Free in 5 years Through Real Estate” which is due for release this year. He is also a popular blogger, speaker and podcaster. In 2015 he launched Cash Flow Properties Academy™, a program that teaches people how to acquire, flip, rent or wholesale real estate properties for high returns.

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